Diabetes Thirst Symptom | Sign No 3 Of 6 Diabetes Signs And Symptoms

Diabetes Signs And Symptoms – Diabetes Thirst Means Being Constantly And Very Thirsty

Diabetes signs and symptoms like the diabetes thirst symptom with type 1 diabetes in particular can be noticed as frequent urination and being suddenly very thirsty. In type 2 diabetes, the diabetes signs and symptoms tend to come about more gradually, and sometimes there are no signs at all. People who have unusual excessive thirst should contact their doctor immediately for an accurate diagnosis. Recognizing early signs is important but keep in mind that these signs could signal other health issues, too.

A type 2 diabetic usually has a slower onset and can often go undiagnosed. But many people do have signs like extreme thirst and frequent urination. Early diabetes signs and symptoms include sores that won’t heal, frequent infections (including vaginal infections in some women), and changes in vision. Some patients actually go to the doctor with signs resulting from the complications of being diabetic, like tingling in the feet (neuropathy) or blurry vision, without knowing they have the disease. This is why screening people at risk to become diabetic is so important. The best way to avoid complications is to get blood glucose under control before symptoms arise.

Diabetes Signs And Symptoms – Your Blood Sugar Level

Being diabetic is a condition defined by high blood sugar. When blood sugar levels routinely exceed 180 mg/dl, then the kidneys dump sugar in the urine, which in turn draws out excessive fluid into the urine. This makes a person empty the bladder often, frequently producing sugary urine. Excessive urination then leads to dehydration, which leads to excessive thirst.

Thirst is the desire to drink fluids, and it is a normal, everyday feeling. Depending on your activities and diet, you may notice changes in how thirsty you feel during a particular day and on different days. Major changes in your patterns of thirst, however, warrant your attention and could be a sign for a diabetes thirst problem. I am sure at this point you understand how important it is to recognize early symptoms.

Connection Between Increased Diabetes Thirst And Number of Toilet Visits

Normally, feeling suddenly very thirsty is the brain’s way of warning you that you’re dehydrated, because you’re not drinking the amount of fluid that your body needs. You can soon quench your thirst and restore the fluid balance in your body after having a drink.  But when thirst is excessive and persistent, it could be a sign of being diabetic or another underlying condition.

As well as suddenly feeling thirsty, people with diabetes will usually find they are going to the toilet a lot (especially at night) and will feel very tired.  Being diabetic means that your body is unable to break down glucose into energy. This is because there is either not enough insulin to move the glucose or because the insulin that is there does not work properly.

If you have eaten salty or spicy foods, or if you feel mildly dehydrated, increase your fluid intake to see if your signs go away. If you are still very thirsty for no apparent reason and are drinking enough water, you should make an appointment with your doctor.  Becoming suddenly very thirsty is a diabetes thirst sign and one of the six early diabetes signs and symptoms that should not be ignored.

Other diabetes signs and symptoms than the diabetes thirst symptom can include tiredness, blurred vision, weight loss and skin problems.